Conservative Coalition takes government; Fascists out of Parliament

HAWK CITY –  At 1530 PST on Friday, the final absentee poll closed, finalizing the results of this afternoon’s counting of votes. The Second Term 2012 election conducted today was the first Überstadti election to involve absentee ballots, bringing voter turnout up to 50%.

The Conservative Coalition of the Cat and Contractors’ Democratic Parties, which tried and failed to gain a majority in January, has now formed His Majesty’s Government, with Theron of Edmount remaining Prime Minister.

Centrist MP Prince Aaron now serves as Opposition Leader, having formerly been part of the Conservative-Centrist Coalition. He inherits this role from Daniel of Korea, Fascist Party head, who received zero votes in this election.

Prince Aaron, despite having been forced into the minority along with the Communist Party, remains Überstadt’s most popular individual politician, receiving 28.6% of all votes. The Cat Party remains the most popular party, with its candidates receiving a combined 35.6% of the vote.

Under the conservative government, private property is expected to be established and enforced for the first time in Überstadti history. The economy is also expected to become a major concern for the government.

King Adam has stated that internal legislation and political shifts will not affect Überstadt’s foreign affairs, reminding the community that he has complete power over foreign policy. His Majesty is reported to believe this election to be a success for his people.

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