2012 Second Term election commences

ROYAL RESIDENCE, UNITED STATES – This morning, continuing a tradition started four months ago, the royal family began the voting period with the casting of early ballots. This month’s election will choose the Duchy of Edmount’s representatives in the second session of Parliament.

Running for Edmount this term are all current Members of Parliament, as well as Sir Diamond, the figurehead leader of the Cat Party. The Cats, being the largest partisan political group in Überstadt, are expected to perform quite well. An analysis of voters predicted that a conservative coalition between the Cats and Contractors’ Democrats may sweep the polls, forcing the Centrist Party into the opposition.

The early predictions made by political insiders also include a strong likelihood that one of the minority parties will be forced out of Parliament, with a greater probability of the Fascist Party losing its seat.

Überstadti elections occur with frequency to prevent overly dramatic political changes, and this term is expected to bring little consequential change, as the conservatives and centrists generally approve of the overall national agenda laid out by the king.

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