Changes to Überstadti online presence

THE INTERNET – The Kingdom of Überstadt, which recently fixed its Skype account, is preparing for a series of changes to its system of websites. The WordPress site for the MicroWiki analysis and editorial blog On the Sector has also served as the host for foreign policy information from the Kingdom. For the sake of efficiency, order, and common sense, this will change.

On the Sector editorials will continue to be written by King Adam. However, they will now be published on this website, the Überstadt National News Network. All previous editorials will be given an archive at this location.

A second website will be established at Webs to act as the official diplomatic website of the Kingdom, complementing the government’s general-purpose website at This website will communicate foreign policy and information related to the diplomatic programs overseen by the king.

The general website will not be affected by these changes.

EDIT: The old location of On the Sector will remain the archive.

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