Court rules against two politicians in royal lawsuit

HAWK CITY – The Crown Court of the Kingdom of Überstadt granted judgment in King Adam’s favor today in a lawsuit against a current Member of Parliament and the head of the Fascist Party, a former legislator. This ruling brings an end to what has been dubbed by Überstadti leaders the Conspiracy Scandal.

David of Edmount, MP and Daniel of Korea were accused by His Majesty of threatening to overthrow him, and in doing so causing him gross distress. Judge Collins of the Crown Court ruled in the king’s favor due to the fact that the defendants failed to respond to the complaint within the allotted period of fifteen days. An injunction was granted that forbids either defendant from attempting any treasonous action. His Majesty’s request for damages was disregarded.

The Conspiracy Scandal began in January, shortly after the defendants had been elected to opposition seats in the First Parliament, which served until April. The defendants allegedly made repeated threats against the king, telling him that he was “going down.”

Criminal charges had previously been brought against the defendants under the Treason Act, but were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. David of Edmount may now possibly face impeachment from Parliament.


Being a diplomat (editorial)

There seems to be confusion in the community about what makes a good diplomat, or even about what a diplomat does. Perhaps this will help a few people.

A diplomat is an official representative of a state in international affairs. A diplomat is a negotiator, a messenger, and a communicator. A good diplomat will  reasonably assess issues of importance to their nation’s foreign policy, calmly negotiate issues with foreign governments, and act sensibly in response to developments made in negotiation. Additionally, a responsible representative of a government will focus on issues of tangible importance to their state.

Here are some things a diplomat should not  do:

  • Act rashly. A diplomatic conflict should not become a personal conflict between the messengers of the involved governments. Business should remain strictly professional, and personal grudges should be cast aside during formal discourse.
  • Be rude. A diplomat is an official representative, and is to behave respectfully toward those with whom dialogue is underway. As international negotiators, diplomats need to exercise tact and courtesy.
  • Be nitpicky. Not every single tiny criticism of one’s country is worth a full-blown official response. A good diplomat can tell what is actually important to their state, and act accordingly.
  • Jump to conclusions. To be an effective diplomat, one must be informed of the matter which they are speaking of. Rumors do not constitute facts- do your homework!

I hope this cleared a few things up. Working on internal affairs will always come first, but is is still very important, and must be done right.

Conservative Coalition takes government; Fascists out of Parliament

HAWK CITY –  At 1530 PST on Friday, the final absentee poll closed, finalizing the results of this afternoon’s counting of votes. The Second Term 2012 election conducted today was the first Überstadti election to involve absentee ballots, bringing voter turnout up to 50%.

The Conservative Coalition of the Cat and Contractors’ Democratic Parties, which tried and failed to gain a majority in January, has now formed His Majesty’s Government, with Theron of Edmount remaining Prime Minister.

Centrist MP Prince Aaron now serves as Opposition Leader, having formerly been part of the Conservative-Centrist Coalition. He inherits this role from Daniel of Korea, Fascist Party head, who received zero votes in this election.

Prince Aaron, despite having been forced into the minority along with the Communist Party, remains Überstadt’s most popular individual politician, receiving 28.6% of all votes. The Cat Party remains the most popular party, with its candidates receiving a combined 35.6% of the vote.

Under the conservative government, private property is expected to be established and enforced for the first time in Überstadti history. The economy is also expected to become a major concern for the government.

King Adam has stated that internal legislation and political shifts will not affect Überstadt’s foreign affairs, reminding the community that he has complete power over foreign policy. His Majesty is reported to believe this election to be a success for his people.

2012 Second Term election commences

ROYAL RESIDENCE, UNITED STATES – This morning, continuing a tradition started four months ago, the royal family began the voting period with the casting of early ballots. This month’s election will choose the Duchy of Edmount’s representatives in the second session of Parliament.

Running for Edmount this term are all current Members of Parliament, as well as Sir Diamond, the figurehead leader of the Cat Party. The Cats, being the largest partisan political group in Überstadt, are expected to perform quite well. An analysis of voters predicted that a conservative coalition between the Cats and Contractors’ Democrats may sweep the polls, forcing the Centrist Party into the opposition.

The early predictions made by political insiders also include a strong likelihood that one of the minority parties will be forced out of Parliament, with a greater probability of the Fascist Party losing its seat.

Überstadti elections occur with frequency to prevent overly dramatic political changes, and this term is expected to bring little consequential change, as the conservatives and centrists generally approve of the overall national agenda laid out by the king.

Changes to Überstadti online presence

THE INTERNET – The Kingdom of Überstadt, which recently fixed its Skype account, is preparing for a series of changes to its system of websites. The WordPress site for the MicroWiki analysis and editorial blog On the Sector has also served as the host for foreign policy information from the Kingdom. For the sake of efficiency, order, and common sense, this will change.

On the Sector editorials will continue to be written by King Adam. However, they will now be published on this website, the Überstadt National News Network. All previous editorials will be given an archive at this location.

A second website will be established at Webs to act as the official diplomatic website of the Kingdom, complementing the government’s general-purpose website at This website will communicate foreign policy and information related to the diplomatic programs overseen by the king.

The general website will not be affected by these changes.

EDIT: The old location of On the Sector will remain the archive.