King sues opposition MPs

HAWK CITY – Today, King Adam filed a civil suit in the Crown Court of Überstadt, with  opposition leader Daniel of Korea and communist opposition member David of Edmount listed as defendants.

The suit is a tort action alleging that the legislators threatened to overthrow His Majesty, shouting such remarks at him as “You’re going down!” The king claims that these threats, having been made by individuals possessing great power within the Kingdom, made him “distressed to the point of believing that the defendants were in fact conspiring…against him.” The complaint, which was served today along with a writ of summons, also claims that the king feared for his position on the throne.

His Majesty has requested one USD in punitive damages from each defendant, as well as a prohibitory injunction to forbid them from making further threats. David of Edmount stated that he wishes His Majesty to “defend [his] manhood” and settle the dispute with a physical fight. The king replied, “I will defend my manhood in a court of law,” and then reminded the former that an automatic ruling in the plaintiff’s favor could be made if the complaint went unanswered.

Both defendants are commonly believed by Überstadtis to have run for Parliament for the sole purpose of attempting to usurp the king of power. The throne is expected to remain safe, however, due to the minority status of the fringe parties that oppose the monarchy.


Parliament back in session; votes expected

Hawk City – On Monday the ninth, Parliament resumed its normal session after a week-long recess. This recess corresponded with the weeklong shutdown of the Barony of Terrace by American officials. This closure has been dubbed “spring break” by the Americans, and is believed to foreshadow an even longer period of inactivity beginning late in June.

Parliament is expected to resume debate on two pending bills, the Banking and Secession Acts. These proposed statutes would require banking institutions to register with the government and officially declare the secession of the Kingdom from the United States. Both have met sharp disapproval among the Opposition, and may be further challenged by the more conservative legislators on the governmental side of the aisle. His Majesty the King has stated that he is willing to grant assent to both bills.